8 Townhouses, PARIS


Student project

“Intimité partagée” (shared intimacy), studio managed by Eric Babin, offers to develop a series of accommodations in a Parisian environment.

The project is to be conceived from the smallest to the greatest detail. The first objective is to focus on the conception of individual and independent spaces, without taking into consideration any form of assembly. The spaces that were considered are those revolving around sleep, meetings and hygiene. One then considers each of these spaces on a scale of 1/20 in order to accentuate their intrinsic qualities.

The second objective is to present a “prototype” assembly of these spaces, in order to create a 110 m2 accommodation/apartment with three bedrooms. The project revolves around the assembly’s cohesion but also around the consideration of natural lighting in the entire accommodation.

The final step invites us to work on an urban scale by creating a series of eight accommodations. The project takes place in the 20th arrondissement/district of Paris, rue des Pyrénées. This site displays a particularly distinctive topography.

The project takes the form of two strip-shaped series of accommodation, creating a dialogue between both sides of the rue des Pyrénées. The accommodations fit parallel to the cadastral lines that regulate the surrounding plots.

The accommodations are located on the higher road, away from the noise, whereas the ground-floors include shops and parking.