"La Cabane"
Tiny House

Collective & Personal project

Construction project

“La Cabane” (the shed) is a project that was conducted in Arras, instigated by and in collaboration with a dozen students of ENSA Paris-Belleville.

This project, jointly designed and conducted, is a 20-meter square space with a 4meter ceiling height and a mezzanine structuring the entry sequence in the first third of the space.

The project falls within an ecological ethic, both in terms of the choice of materials used and in terms of the origin of said materials, prioritising wood sourced from a local sawmill. Nordic Pine is used to create the framework, while the larch cladding, chosen for its weather resistance, allows us to avoid wood treatment. The earth-straw wall technique is tested on the main façade.

A flour-based paint, made on site, is used for the windows’ frames. The windowpanes are also reused.

The insulation is made with straw and wood wool while inner skin is made with OSB3.