Competition - OPFM / Oeuvre Falret
Foster Home for children and youth

Interior Architecture

The competition launched by the OPFM company, in collaboration with the Oeuvre Falret, invites to work on the interior design of a building in rehabilitation. This building will welcome young people from 7 to 14 years old in need.

Two atmospheres were then imagined, one in the South, with cold tones, and one in the North, with warmer tones, according to two themes: dreams and travel.

The bias was also to use natural and sensitive materials, as well as color, which influence behavior.

The DREAM calls for suspension and lightness. This idea of levitation is transcribed in the furniture of the room.

The bunk bed seems to float in the air. A set of horizontal and vertical lines constitute the bed. It allows to erase the supporting structure, thus benefiting to the impression of lightness of the whole. The space of the bed is highlighted by a colored delimitation of its right of way.

In order to obtain different atmospheres according to the uses and the hours of the day, several lighting devices are set up. Indirect lights gently illuminate the office and bed area. A night light is hidden behind a magnetic strip allowing the child to display his personal pictures and images.

The community-based spaces are on the one hand dedicated to exchanges and collective games and on the other hand to reading.

In order to ensure maximum freedom of use, the playroom is equipped with flexible modules that can be easily moved by the children. They can thus appropriate the space as they wish.

The natural materials of cork applied to the floor, and wood used for the architectural furniture, make it a sensitive and warm space. The flexible floor covering frames the space and allows for comfortable seating. The colors, on one side, bright and warm and on the other, calm and cold, create different atmospheres, sometimes conducive to concentration, sometimes to awakening activities.